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Aleksei Archer and Alex Guarnaschelli

Aleksei Archer is a talented and multi-faceted American actor. Her hometown was New York. On 14th August, the celebrities on television celebrate their birthdays. Her first appearance on television was in 2007. In 2007, she first was a model for an upcoming television commercial. Aleksei participates in 18 additional tasks like a television model, a short Film, and much numerous other activities. Beginning her career as a television professional in 2007 made her survive for fourteen years within the field. Aleksei completed her schooling in America through attending elementary school and professional School with other siblings. Though she's paid great focus on academics, her main interest is in the arts, such as music, theatre, sitcoms and more. Alex Guarnaschelli...................Alex Guarnaschelli is the daughter of cookbook editor Maria Guarnaschelli and John Guarnaschelli. Her birthplace was St. Louis. However only a few days old she emigrated to New York City. She received
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Julianne Moore

Julie Anne Smith, A.K.A. Julianne is A.K.A. Julianne is a Hollywood actress, author and bestselling novelist. Her talent has earned her international recognition. Sagittarius Born in North Carolina on 3 December 1960. She's one of the three children of Peter Moore Smith and Anne Smith. Peter was a paratrooper. She is of English as well as Scottish ancestry. Moore's father was a mover frequently due to his job. It was hard for her to find and keep friendships. Moore was a stage actor at Frankfurt American High School when her family relocated to Germany. She graduated in 1983 with the BA in Fine Arts at Boston University. in Theater. Moore was a graduate of the college with honors in New York and started her career as an off-Broadway actress when she moved into New York. In 1985, she made her on-screen debut in an episode of The Edge of Night. In 1986, she played in the roles of Frannie as well as Sabrina Hughes in As the World Turns which became her first break. She stayed on

Rosie Huntington

Rosie Huntington Whiteley, an English model, actress and businesswoman. After being cast as the leading female character in the Transformers films, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley gained notoriety. She then went on to make appearances in different films such as Mad Max Fury Road. Her most well-known work is her work in the company Victoria's Secret a well-known American brand, maker and distributor of women's women's lingerie and cosmetics. Burberry is an iconic British designer and luxury fashion brand. The brand's face was created of their scent Burberry Body. Her acting career started in the role of a support role in the American Sci-fi action film Transformers Dark of the Moon the third movie in the Transformers franchise. The film was a huge success, earning nearly $1 billion in earnings. It has been nominated several time for Oscars. She appeared on the screen in Mad Max Fury Road a few years after. It was her first time transitioning from a modeling profession to an

Agnes Bruckner

Agnes Bruckner is one of the richest and most popular Movie Actress who was born on the 16th of August, 1985 on the 16th of August in Los Angeles California United States. The actress starred alongside Sandra Bullock on the movie Murder by Numbers. Agnes Bruckner is an American actress, and former model. Born on August 16th, 1985. The latter part of the 90s was when she began appearing on TV and since then has been in a variety of films, including The Woods Blue Car Murder by Numbers Blood and Chocolate and The Anna Nicole Story. Bruckner started her acting career when she aged 11. She made appearances on two TV pilots as well as the daytime drama The Bold and the Beautiful which aired in 1999. At the age of 15 Bruckner received her first lead role in the independent movie Blue Car (2002) in which she played a high school student who was involved in an affair with a teacher played by David Strathairn. Roger Ebert said that Bruckner was able to handle the complex script with aplomb. B

Alexandra Raisman

Aly Raisman, an American gymnast, was a member of both the Fierce Five 2012 and Final Five 2016 US Women's Olympic gymnastics teams. In the 2012 Olympics she won gold both on the floor for the team and in individual events. The bronze medal was awarded by her balance bar. In 2012 she was the very first American athlete to win the most number of medals at the Olympics. The gold medal she won in the Olympics in 2016 was the second gold in a row for the American team. It made her along with teammates Gabby and Gabby - the first Americans to be able to complete this accomplishment. Silver medals were awarded in the floor individual and all-around event. Between the two Olympics she had taken an absence from competitive gymnastics for 3 years. Additionally, she was one of the gold medal winning American teams in the two World Championships. Gymnastics was her first sport since age two, and her favourite sport is floor exercise. Aly has enrolled in the Uniting Against Lung Cancer group


Brianna Dale was born in Fremont in California on October 19th 1993. Instagram is a star who is known for her numerous models wearing different styles of swimwear and lingerie. She is a model in the brand Pink Pantherz Espresso, and she has shared photos from her modeling days as along with videos that promote the brand. The number of followers is more than 800,000. Alexis Enoch is a Californian Instagram model who also shares the same content as Symone. Symone Berry as well as Alexis Enoch both are Instagram models both from California, who share similar images. Symone Berry posted a picture of Julian and their son, Julian on Instagram during November of 2014.


Jake Paul has been a star on YouTube as a blogger, actor as well as a social media expert for a long time. He became famous when he was part of the infamous Vine team Team 10 and has since built a successful career on YouTube. His most well-known videos are those that go over the top and he has a large socially engaged and active community on the internet. Jake Paul was born January 17th, 1997 and he is now 26. He is best known for his vlogs that are funny on YouTube his stint as the Disney Channel star and his part in the YouTube series Team 10.